KINCAD Features


Process Automation

Kincad is a cloud / web based software solution built exclusively to automate schools, colleges and other educational institutions.The core framework is customizable as to suit specific individual requirements of any educational institution. It has inherited capability for Office management | Teaching schedule management | Assignments evaluation & parents engagement | Collaboration & communication | Real time analytics & reporting | Integrated document management | Profile & admission management | Calendar & event management | Attendance & leave management | SMS, email , push alerts & bulletin board | Location tracking & status update in real time including SMS alerts (available as add-on) | Live streaming (available as add-on )


Resource Management

Intelligent resource scheduling, management and monitoring is one of the most powerful software component of kincad. This benefits your institute to get the most out of available resources and also save cost. Sitting from anywhere in the world you can control and coordinate the workflow. Centralized access keeps all information up-to-date as in easily searchable profiles, resource skills, interests, work experience, domain expertise, work preferences, availability, performance matrix and more. kincad boosts productivity and profit, empowering you with the information you need in real-time. Intelligent and dynamic reporting helps you determine staffing needs and improve employee utilization rates. Use robust utilization reporting, capacity planning, forecasts and utilization by hierarchy to drive financial forecasts & staffing plans.


Analytics & Reports

Kincad capabilities for reporting and analytics provide a basis on which you can make wise decisions to establish, measure and analyze key performance of your staff and to drive your institution processes throughout teaching & management life cycle. You can make quick strategic plans by accurately extracting, aggregating,analyzing and disseminating information from multiple work sources. You can establish capabilities to bring together multiple data sources, snapshots, multiple data viewpoints, advanced scheduler to enable trend analysis. Data can be sourced from virtually any application for quick migration to kincad. It enables you to Dynamically & accurately extract knowledge across all corner in real-time | Eliminate guesswork and make smart decisions | Control costs, assure quality delivery and speed time-to quality service| Reduced cost of management overhead.


Cloud Docs

Kincad takes your institute to next level of sophistication with advanced next generation cloud technology. Now with kincad you can store all your documents in a secured private cloud , accessible from anywhere you go, share and collaborate from any device including iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop or Desktop. It is very intuitive and user friendly. Anyone can easily learn to share docs on kincad cloud without any special training. However the documents that are stored, shared & collaborated are very safe and secure. The exchange of documents happen over secure protocols. Official records, assignments, notes, event photos and videos can now sit on our cloud to make your life easier and highly productive.


Monitoring & Security Alerts

Kincad has built in security to monitor your kid's activities and alert you the way you customize. All different parts of your institution can be monitored including school buses, route maps, kids location, arrival and departure time, student and staff attendance. Automated SMS and push notifications make parents happy about pickup/drop of their kids to school at right time. Apart from this kincad is intelligent enough to keep you updated on all important data & information necessary including security alerts from time to time. Kincad solution also has intrinsic capability to communicate with smart gadgets and sensors with complete automation to monitor activities in sensitive areas. You can just retrofit those gadgets the system will take care of the rest.


Location Tracking

This module contains an electronic receiver which interacts with GPS satellite to fetch the exact location of the vehicle/ resource on which it is installed. This is used in school buses to track the real time location, speed and status. A software component inside Kincad constantly interacts with GPS system installed in school bus and monitors the bus status, driving behavior, route map and takes appropriate action to keep kids safe and secure. It also triggers alerts through SMS, email and notifications to parents and management as per customization.

Live Broadcasting

These are the cameras which are specially built for integration of Kincad software solutions that have capability to stream real time video directly to cloud servers, smart phones & tablets such as iphone, android & windows mobile. The main advantage of our cloud camera compared to conventional CCTV’s is that cloud cameras do not require additional expensive hardware / middleware such as DVR , amplifiers , repeaters, cables, etc . CCTV’s require additional infrastructure and are overburdened with wiring, civil work and maintenance; whereas our cloud cameras can be easily retrofit into your existing infrastructure and is completely wireless. The real time video content can be streamed directly to Kincad mobile app or could be recorded on cloud. Hence our cloud cameras have greater advantage with respect to reliability, usability, maintainability, scalability, quality and cost.


RF Tags

RF Module includes RF tags and readers which can be used for tracking attendance and asset management. RF tags are simple handy strip that could be embedded into ID cards or valuable assets. Our Kincad software in the background understands the movement and activities of people and resources by reading and validating the status of RF tags. As security measure we have used encryption to make sure tags cannot be cloned and tampered also they are readable only by our authentic sources. We have also paired other biometric technology to complement the high security and reliability of kincad.


Custom Tab

The main motive behind building this exclusive product is to provide healthy and safe content, apps, games and additional features to kids. All content accessed from Kincad is safe and filtered out from internet. Kincad tablets are Tailor-made gadgets that sync with Kincad modules. | Have pre-installed games that complement learning. | Have special built in apps, books for elevated intellectual growth and moral sense of children. | Have the ability to connect and sync with additional gadgets such as biometrics, RF readers and GPS trackers that we provide with a solution. | Have the ability to auto update when new versions of software are available.


Educative Games & Toys

Most of games that are available publicly are not safe for children, few of them are aggressive, violent, addictive and misleading. Such games can be dangerous to the healthy growth of children’s personality. Hence we have come up with an idea of developing indigenous games and toys that are safe and aid in promoting children’s moral sense, intellectual growth, linguistic skills, creative sense, analytical and reasoning ability. These toys and games are well designed to complement with main stream learning in schools.



Kincad team is motivated to build special apps for infants and budding toddlers. As we feel that it’s our responsibility to ensure that every moment of time they spend with Kincad solution should be entertaining, productive and should contribute positively towards conceptual, cognitive, perceptive, linguistic, imaginative, analytical and reasoning ability. It is important at this age to induce and incubate young brains with healthy and positive thoughts. Our app development team is being guided by rich source of experienced intellectuals in the field of education, psychology, anthropology, sociology, cultural and moral science background.



Our digital library includes massive collection of books, research papers, seminars, simulations, presentations that enrich the wisdom of all stakeholders in the educational eco system. Teachers can browse through these resources to learn and boost their knowledge and teaching skills. Parents can collaborate and participate in understanding the content and learn about how they can contribute towards career growth of their children using these resources. Management can upgrade their knowledge on new advance ways, methodologies, policies, standards with which they can improve quality of education to global standards..



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